CLP Power Hong Kong Limited Power Quality Workshop

 CLP Power Hong Kong limited has been providing reliable electricity supply to customers in different sectors (Business, Residential and Public services0 for over hundred years. By supplying sustainable and green energy to different sectors, it is aimed to provide a better living environment and thus to create a harmonic society. In the end of 2016, CLP renovated its Power Quality workshop at Sham Shui Po including greeting theatre, “Power Quality & You” demonstration unit, partition wall and “ACB Tripping” demonstration unit.

Greeting Theatre

We replace a whole playback system to fix its 150 degrees projection system

E-information Center

There is 1 set of 55” touch screen. Visitors can select leaflet category and read the content at a tip of finger. QR code is provided for visitors who want to get a soft copy of it.

“Power Quality & You” Demonstration Unit

We designed a Kinect game projected on a huge wall. There are 2 games selection which are Chiller Plant and Low Voltage Change-Over Scheme. It aims to show how the installation of Chiller Plant attain a better energy efficiency and the certain devices can tackle the voltage dip problem.

“ACB Tripping” Demonstration Unit

We designed an intelligent control panel with 8 nos of 48” screen to demonstrate how a voltage dip incident to affect a building. We synchronize all information of 8 screens and divide it to 3 levels.

Upper level: Animation on each screen shows a building where the family has switched on several domestic appliances which occurs a voltage dip incident.

Middle level: Shows the index of voltage and current and educational information of different solutions/devices and how they encounter and avoid voltage dip

Lower Level:  Visitors can place a device which has chips attached underneath on the intelligent panel and solve the problem of voltage dip by playing some mini games, display will show the effect of the device chosen by visitor.





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