Wishing KOI Pond


2018 Chinese New Year Event @ IFC --- Beautiful: Spreading Blessings, to celebrate the year of dog and bring the blessing to the shoppers, with traditional blessing symbol: koi. During the event period, over 60,000 shoppers have joint the game through iPad app and mobile app.


We design the whole game into 3 parts, 


  • Interactive Pond ( 4m*4m tailor- made LED wall)  was designed to imitate a koi pond in exactly real size. Shoppers can share the view of koi pond in urban shopping mall. The combination of sound, breeze and flowers make everyone just like a grand garden. What’s more, it can have an interactive link with mobile and fixed iPad app.
  • ipad wishing App five iPads was set up around the koi pond with a wish app developed by ArtDigital. With this app, shoppers can make a wish by selecting a wish type and “throwing” a personalized coin to the pond. End up, tailor-made coin would magically change koi and shoppers would receive a blessing card, which can be shared to social media as spreading blessing.
  • Mobile wishing App in order to catering large number of shoppers, we develop a web apps for this game. Shoppers can enter the game by scanning the QR code, select a wishing type from 4 categories and a tailor-made blessing card will be sent to shoppers after they throw a coin.

The easy game flow with deep Chinese tradition successfully draw the public attention and love.